Flower Stems

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Flanders Poppy JI2312
Eucalyptus Leaf & Seed FI6462GY
Real Touch Rose  FB0029 -LPNK
Real Touch Rose FB0029-TOF
Singapore Orchid JI2304-GBL
Rose Charlotte FI8250CF
Rose Stella FI6998WH
Rose Madonna FI8251CF
Real Touch Rose FB0029 -MAV
Eucalyptus Spray FB0015-GRY
Mini Chrysanthemum LB043-DPNK
Coral Branch JI2640-BR
Dahlia FI8063DP

Dahlia FI8063DP



Mini Rose spray HU0009 -BL
Chrysanthemum tall LB058-PNK
Mini Chrysanthemum LB043-LIL
Brown Helleborus L21237BR
Peony Bunch Hf4434L-WH
Chrysanthemum FI8252CF
Real Touch Rose FB0078-CHAMP
Cymbidium Orchid EE0002-YEL
Gerbera single stem LB033-HTPNK