New Arrivals

Silkflora - New Arrivals

Our brand new blooms are as exciting as they could ever be! Full of colours and textures, you won't be dissapointed!

266 Products Found
Eucalyptus Spray FB0015-GRY
Real Touch Rose Spray FB0029 -WH
Mini Ranunculus bunch FB0018-PUR
Real Touch Rose spray FB0027 -WH
Ecuadorian Rose S913- RD
Berry spray RH0009-BL
Cymbidium Orchid EE0003
Leaf Brunch FE052

Leaf Brunch FE052



Single Protea HF3880-PNK
Small Sunflowers Spray JI2451
Stephanotis Spray S400
38cm Lambs Ear S5862Grn
Hydrangea spray FB0001-GR
Sea Aster S9862-HPNK
3H Peony spray

3H Peony spray



Berry Spray JI2658-BL
Eucalyptus Spray FB0015-GRN