Leaves, Ferns & Foliage

We have an extensive selection of greenery, leaves and foliage

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Tall real touch foliage LB024-BR
Fern Bunch SM020-GREEN
Fern Spray FB0043-F
Tall Lemon Leaves Spray SM032
Variegated Leaf  SM063-GREEN
Dark Greenery FE008-BR
Eucalyptus bunch FB0073-GRN
Boxwood Bush S2662

Boxwood Bush S2662



Eucalyptus Spray FB0015-GRY
Olive Spray S2600
Olive Spray SM014-GREEN
Orange Leaves Spray A1169
Rose garland  S3527-SAL
Eucalyptus Spray SM078-GRN
Grass Bush HF3811
Cosmos Spray SM040-WHITE
Fern Bunch FB0043-B
Shell Leaves 1336GOL
Calla Lily Leaf JI2392
Eucalyptus bunch FB0073-PCH
Eucalyptus Leaf & Seed FI6462GY
Leaf Spray LB079-WHT