Designer's Collection

Exclusive Collection

Our Designer's Collection is made by our Senior Florists at Silkflora.

We are using the highest quality of Real touch and silk florals in beautiful pots and vases.

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Frida by Caro SF822

Frida by Caro SF822



Madrid By Caro SF800
Alaska by Danni SF808
Allegra by Danni SF819-N
Athens By Cath SF796
Auckland by Danni SF810
Berries & Cream By Danni SF745
Boho Pumpkin by Danni SF845
Buenos Aires By Danni SF813
California Bouquet only SF830
California By Danni SF820
Candy Crush SF752

Candy Crush SF752



Candy Floss SF821

Candy Floss SF821



Caramel Martini by Yoanna SF827
Carolina  By Caro SF751
chocolate Blush by Cath SF861
Cosmopolitan By Danni SF826
English Meadow By Danni SF799
Frances By Caro SF812
Frankfurt by Danni SF807
Fresh Water By Caro SF831
Hamilton by Danni SF809
Jessiika Boho SF846

Jessiika Boho SF846